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Why choose the PH.D. Organic Chemistry Tutor? Of all the sciences, Organic Chemistry is the most unique insofar as it is a scientifically rigorous visual-spatial language heavily emphasizing deductive reasoning skills. Many students with the most gifted memories will begin to experience their greatest challenge as early as week 7 of their first Organic Chemistry class. This is when memorization skills begin to lose value for the first time ever.

Deductive Reasoning PH.D. Organic Chemistry TutorLearn Deductive Reasoning Skills

Unbeknownst to most students of Organic Chemistry is that 95% of all the subject material is based upon logical application of Acid-Base Theory. Paramount toward mastery of the science is identification of the most nucleophilic and electrophilic centers of all participants in each reaction. This is part of the challenge. The remaining piece is thinking in terms of physical Organic Chemistry whilst concomitantly becoming fluent in the language of mechanistic Organic Chemistry.

The word “tutor” is used on this site for SEO purposes only – you had to find us! We don’t provide you with an Organic Chemistry tutor, rather we assign you a personal World Class PH.D. Organic Chemistry Mentor to champion your success! In other words, we train young Padawans to master Organic Chemistry.

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I’m the O-Chem Prof (actual professor of chemistry). What I do is more teaching than tutoring. I am the only learner-centered Organic Chemistry tutor who is a seasoned academic PH.D. with practical knowledge utilizing cognitive and perceptual psychology to tutor both undergraduate and graduate level Organic Chemistry. I firmly believe in reducing the material to the student’s level for total comprehension, thereby empowering the student for success!

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Our approach to teaching Organic Chemistry, both scientifically proven and documented, is unique in comparison to all others. Involving a minimum of memorization, it focuses heavily upon building superior cognitive skills using the The NuE Method™ [ link ] and The Principle of Retrosynthetic Analysis2,3, and then applying these skills to reaction mechanisms and synthesis. With the PH.D. Organic Chemistry Tutor, your applied knowledge is augmented via guided learning, a technique every professional academician knows is the most effective for measurable achievement.

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We know you have dreams, and we want to be the ones interactively engaging you to make them come true. We’ve mentored culturally diverse and multi-disciplinary pre-professionals across the United States for over twelve years. When you decide you want the Successful Professional’s Competitive Edge, we’ll be there to champion your academic achievement. Please keep in mind the PH.D. Organic Chemistry Tutor is like a Master Trainer, and it’s best to form that relationship before you’re in the midsts of a crisis.

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